CABUYA Gorro María Inti

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CABUYA's María Inti Hat is a handwoven bucket hat crafted using 100% natural cotton in the crochet technique. It reflects Ecuador's Andean culture, the beauty of the Andes, and the connection between nature and humanity. It blends tradition with contemporary fashion while supporting indigenous communities.


CABUYA's María Inti Hat is an artisanal expression of Ecuador's Andean culture. This bucket-style hat is meticulously handwoven using the crochet technique with 100% natural cotton. Its design reflects the beauty of the Andes and pays homage to the sun, representing the connection between nature and humanity.

This hat is a work of art that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. Its colors and patterns reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Andean region and capture the essence of indigenous textile tradition.

By choosing the María Inti hat, you not only get a unique and stylish fashion piece but also support indigenous communities in the Andes and their artisanal work. It's a tribute to authenticity, sustainability, and the natural beauty found only in the highlands of Ecuador. With this hat, you carry a part of Andean history and its relationship with the sun, the source of life.

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