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CHOCOLATES AWKI aims to use Real Chocolate as a tool for change and impact. We were born to protect you!

Natalia Padilla, Aziz Murshed, and Daniel Torres craft their chocolates exclusively with Fine Aroma Cacao, combining it with a blend of medicinal herbs and freeze-dried fruits that have various properties, such as relaxation, energization, or mood enhancement. :)

AWKI is chocolate specially designed for people who want to give a unique gift and provide an unforgettable experience to someone special. It's also for those who want to try something new and premium, healthy, gourmet, luxurious, and guilt-free, all while helping improve the lives of many people and contributing to the environment.

From Tree to Bar - Roasted at specific temperatures for each batch to achieve the best flavor profiles of each cacao - Artisanal production. Triple Impact Company - Packaging: Zero plastic, recyclable, compostable - Chocolate with a purpose.

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AWKI Barra Intimacy...

Price €7.99

AWKI "Barra Intimacy" is an exceptional dark chocolate with 75% cocoa, passion fruit, cinnamon, maca, and seeds. It's artisanal, natural, and additive-free, combining intense natural flavors with health benefits. An ideal choice for chocolate lovers seeking quality and well-being in every bite.

AWKI Barra Serenity...

Price €7.99

AWKI presents the Serenity chocolate bar, crafted with 75% dark chocolate, mango, cedrón, freeze-dried pineapple, and adorned with apple and cedrón pieces. Exquisite flavors like soursop, chamomile, and Himalayan salt. An intense and natural experience, handcrafted with natural ingredients, free from artificial flavors or preservatives.

AWKI Chocolate Bar...

Price €7.99

AWKI Barra Intensity is an exceptionally intense artisanal chocolate with a 75% pure cocoa content. Its uniqueness lies in the use of cocoa pulp and traceable refined sugar as sweeteners. This sugar doesn't add sweetness but enhances the flavor nuances in each cocoa bean. The result is an explosion of deep and robust flavors with hints of roasted cocoa and dark fruits in every bite. Perfect for lovers of intense chocolate looking to reduce sugar intake. With AWKI, savor the magic of artisanal chocolate in a bar that represents excellence in cocoa craftsmanship.