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List of products by brand LUA Chocolates

Finca LUA produces and manufactures chocolate free from agrochemicals and ingredients that harm human health

Verónica Burgos, the creator of the LUA brand, emphasizes the importance of understanding the process and carrying out manufacturing from tree to tablet.

Where are we? In the province of Manabí, you'll find Chone, a small city known as "the Garden of Beautiful Women and Brave Men." It's a region covered with the most striking tropics, forests, and from its land, the most delicious varieties of cocoa are born.

We believe in biodynamic agriculture, a process used on our farm to create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

We care about our farmers, their families, and their safety. Fair treatment produces fair chocolate.

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LUA Chocolate 65%

Price €7.07

LUA Chocolate 65% delivers a sublime experience with balanced flavors of intense cocoa and subtle fruity undertones, complemented by a touch of sweetness. Committed to fair trade and sustainability, LUA ensures a delightful experience that satisfies both the palate and conscience.

LUA Chocolate 85%

Price €7.07

LUA Chocolate 85% is a high-purity organic dark chocolate with a deep, robust flavor. Each bite delivers intense cocoa notes and a subtle acidity. Committed to sustainability, LUA uses organic ingredients for an exceptional chocolate experience.

LUA Chocolate 95%

Price €7.07

LUA Chocolate 95% is an intense experience for dark chocolate lovers. It offers a deep, bitter flavor with hints of fruit and nuts. With organic ingredients and ethically sourced cocoa, LUA ensures quality and sustainability. A sublime choice for those seeking authenticity and purity in their chocolate.


Price €37.70

LUA Chocolate PREMIUM BOX is an exquisite gift featuring a selection of the finest LUA chocolates. From intense 95% cocoa to subtle fruit notes at 75%, these chocolates are organic and ethically sourced. A delightful indulgence for chocolate lovers.