About Us

Our Company

We share a common ideal, to build a better future for all.

We are dedicated to working with and for artisans, small producers, and socially responsible businesses to market Premium quality products that are also sustainable.
  • Supporting economic development in agricultural areas.
  • Promoting the quality of raw materials from Ecuador.
  • Connecting indigenous communities, women, and artisans with the foreign market.
  • Helping preserve sustainable cocoa cultivation.
  • Preventing the exodus from rural to urban areas or abroad.

Our Team

A united family...

Specialized in Ecuadorian Cocoa and Chocolate. Learning and, above all, making friends on this wonderful journey.At OrigenEcuador, we believe that heritage, tradition, and culture are something that must be preserved and shared. It is the living expression of Ecuador's richness, and its mere existence is an opportunity to strengthen the identity of the people who live there.
When we started with OrigenEcuador, Pierre and I (Isabel) knew that we wouldn't be alone; we have a great family behind us who support and encourage us every day.

Pierre Chocolate Taster Isabel Ecuadorian Chocolate Taster


Our Cocoa

The oldest cocoa in the world!

Ecuador, the birthplace of cocoa domestication, dates back 5300 years! Thanks to the great research work of Dr. Francisco Valdéz, the archaeologist who led the research alongside researchers Sonia Zarrillo from the University of Calgary and Claire Lanaud from Cirad France.

In Palanda (Amazonia of Ecuador), intact tombs dating from -3000 B.C. were found, containing cocoa DNA residues.

Research funded by France through IRD (Institut de la Recherche pour le Développement)