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List of products by brand KAMM Chocolates

Kamm Chocolates are handmade and exquisite, pure indulgence in every bite.

We've selected exotic combinations to highlight the unique flavor of our fine aroma cocoa. Through our magical technique of CRYSTALLIZATION OF FRUITS AND EXTRACTS, we've reached a perfect formula where the crystals and cocoa are together, but not mixed. Creating an extrasensory experience that connects us and transports us to the best flavors in the world in a chocolate bar.

Kamm Chocolates is a luxury culinary experience, where the art of chocolate combines with passion and dedication to create unforgettable delights that delight all chocolate connoisseurs.

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KAMM Chocolate 100% Cacao...

Price €12.79

KAMM's 100% Cacao Chocolate is a delight for pure cocoa enthusiasts. Made with cocoa beans and cocoa mucilage only, it offers an authentic flavor and a unique experience. Its texture is smooth and melting, and it's a healthy choice with its antioxidant properties.

KAMM Chocolate Aguacate 60g
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KAMM Chocolate Aguacate 60g

Price €9.27

KAMM's Avocado Chocolate is an innovative blend of avocado and high-quality chocolate. With a creamy texture and a touch of natural sweetness, it perfectly combines the intensity of cocoa with the benefits of avocado, rich in healthy fats and antioxidants.

KAMM Chocolate Big Mango 60g KAMM Chocolate Big Mango 60g
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KAMM Chocolate Big Mango 60g

Price €6.57

KAMM Big Mango Chocolate is a delightful fusion of premium cocoa and tropical mango. Each bite offers a unique sensory experience, with fruity notes and a creamy texture. This chocolate is a true delight for lovers of the exotic.

KAMM Chocolate CBD 60g KAMM Chocolate CBD 60g
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KAMM Chocolate CBD 60g

Price €8.57

KAMM CBD Chocolate blends the indulgence of chocolate with the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). This delicious organic dark chocolate provides you with a moment of indulgence and relaxation. CBD, known for its soothing properties, allows you to enjoy a complete sensory experience.

KAMM Chocolate Chai Tea 60g KAMM Chocolate Chai Tea 60g
  • On sale!

KAMM Chocolate Chai Tea 60g

Price €6.57

KAMM Chocolate Chai Tea blends chai tea with chocolate, creating an exquisite experience. Aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves intertwine with the chocolate. Perfect for gourmet chocolate lovers.

KAMM Chocolate Ginger... KAMM Chocolate Ginger...
  • On sale!

KAMM Chocolate Ginger...

Price €6.57

KAMM Chocolate Ginger Lemonade is a unique culinary experience that combines the spiciness of ginger with the refreshing acidity of lemonade. Each bite will transport you to a world of exquisite flavors and textures that melt in your mouth. Perfect for those looking to excite their taste buds.

KAMM Chocolate Hemps Seeds 60g KAMM Chocolate Hemps Seeds 60g
  • On sale!

KAMM Chocolate Hemps Seeds 60g

Price €6.57

KAMM Chocolate Hemp Seeds blends the deep flavor of organic dark chocolate with the crunchy texture and nutty taste of hemp seeds. Each bite is a balanced experience of sweetness and bitterness. This chocolate is not only delicious but also nutritious, making it a healthy choice.

KAMM Chocolate Nude 60g

Price €8.90

KAMM Chocolate Nude is a sublime creation of organic dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt. This delicacy provides a perfect balance between the intensity of cocoa and the subtlety of salt, delivering an exceptional culinary experience.

KAMM Chocolate Salty... KAMM Chocolate Salty...
  • On sale!

KAMM Chocolate Salty...

Price €6.57

KAMM Salty Caramel Chocolate is a delightful blend of premium cocoa, artisanal caramel, and a pinch of sea salt. This chocolate perfectly balances sweetness and saltiness, creating a unique flavor experience. Ideal for those who appreciate flavor contrasts and gourmet quality.