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Alibu is an Ecuadorian brand dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of natural and organic fruit teas. The brand focuses on creating high-quality infusions, using carefully selected fruits to provide unique flavors and health benefits.


A family project composed of Jorge, Carolina, Leslie, and Fabien, who come together to give 100% of their knowledge and dedication to fulfill this great dream.


Born in Ecuador in 2018 to offer healthy and 100% natural products, without preservatives, additives, or artificial sweeteners, such as 100% natural dehydrated fruit tea. That's why we chose fruits, as they are essential in the daily diet, and especially because Ecuador has a privileged location and the perfect climate for cultivating a wide variety of fruits throughout the year.

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Alibú Alegría Dried Fruit...

Price €5.00
Our Alegría Fruit Infusion is the perfect choice to enjoy a unique experience of natural flavors. It carefully combines apple, kiwi, strawberry, and hibiscus with a touch of stevia for natural sweetness. Without additives, this infusion is fresh and refreshing, perfect hot or cold.

Alibú Mix Dried Fruit...

Price €5.00

Our Dried Fruit Infusion Mix combines Temptation, Passion, Fantasy, Tropical, and Joy for a complete experience. Each infusion, crafted with high-quality fruits, offers an adventure of authentic and healthy flavors. Without additives or preservatives, it's the essence of natural fruit infusions.

Alibú Pasión Dried Fruit...

Price €5.00

Alibú's Pasión Dried Fruit Infusion is an irresistible experience of natural flavors. With pineapple, goldenberry, passion fruit, and stevia, this captivating infusion awakens the senses and offers authenticity and health in every sip. Perfect hot or cold, it's a passionate journey of taste and well-being. 

Alibú Tropical Dried Fruit...

Price €5.00

Alibú's 'Tropical' Dried Fruit Infusion is a delicious tropical indulgence featuring pineapple, naranjilla, mango, and stevia. These exotic fruits are carefully dehydrated, preserving their authentic flavor and texture. An authentic and healthy experience, perfect to enjoy hot or cold at any time of the day.