Alibú Mix Dried Fruit Infusion Sachet Sachet 12gr x5

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Our Dried Fruit Infusion Mix combines Temptation, Passion, Fantasy, Tropical, and Joy for a complete experience. Each infusion, crafted with high-quality fruits, offers an adventure of authentic and healthy flavors. Without additives or preservatives, it's the essence of natural fruit infusions.


Our Dried Fruit Infusion Mix is the culmination of craftsmanship in natural fruit infusions. It brings together the unique flavors of Temptation, Passion, Fantasy, Tropical, and Joy, offering you a complete experience in every sip.

Each of these dried fruit infusions is carefully crafted, selecting the freshest fruits and dehydrating them to preserve their natural flavors. This mix is the answer to your most exquisite desires, combining the sweetness of pineapple, the passion of strawberry, the fantasy of ginger, the tropical freshness, and the joyful touch of apple.

Our commitment to quality and authenticity is reflected in every cup you enjoy. We do not use additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. This mix is the very essence of natural fruit infusions, providing you with a flavor experience that will delight your senses and elevate your well-being.

Discover a world of possibilities in each variety and immerse yourself in this complete experience. With the Dried Fruit Infusion Mix, fruit infusions become a delicious and healthy journey that takes you through a range of unique flavors and aromas.

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