CABUYA Gorro Carmen Multi

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CABUYA's Carmen Multi Hat is a masterpiece of Ecuadorian Andean craftsmanship. Handwoven with skill and dedication by indigenous artisans, it combines colors and patterns that reflect the cultural diversity of the Andes. This hat is not only a versatile fashion statement but also a support for indigenous communities and the preservation of their traditions. By wearing it, you embrace authenticity and contribute to valuable cultural heritage.


CABUYA's Carmen Multi Hat is a testament to the rich artisanal tradition of the Ecuadorian Andes. Each hat is skillfully and dedicatedly handcrafted by indigenous artisans using the crochet technique and natural fibers of cabuya and sheep wool. The blend of colors and patterns reflects the cultural diversity of the Andean region, while the versatile design makes it suitable for any occasion. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, this hat represents sustainability and support for indigenous communities, as CABUYA works closely with these women to preserve their traditions and provide them with economic opportunities. By wearing the Carmen Multi Hat, you not only wrap yourself in the warmth of handmade fashion but also contribute to the preservation of an invaluable cultural heritage.

Sombrero tipo cubo tejido en técnica de crochet 100% lana.
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