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AWKI Barra Intimacy Chocolate 75%

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AWKI "Barra Intimacy" is an exceptional dark chocolate with 75% cocoa, passion fruit, cinnamon, maca, and seeds. It's artisanal, natural, and additive-free, combining intense natural flavors with health benefits. An ideal choice for chocolate lovers seeking quality and well-being in every bite.


AWKI "Intimacy Bar" is a delicious masterpiece crafted with 75% dark cocoa content. This bar carefully combines natural cocoa, freeze-dried passion fruit, cinnamon, maca, and a decoration of sunflower seeds, pistachios, and amaranth. What's most impressive is its artisanal and natural approach.

It contains no artificial flavorings, essences, or preservatives. AWKI uses freeze-dried natural fruit pieces and dried medicinal herbs to create desirable effects, such as energizing, relaxing, and mood-enhancing.

This bar is not only intensely delicious but also nutritionally and beneficially natural. Immerse yourself in the experience of intense, natural dark chocolate without artificial preservatives. It will not only delight your taste buds but also provide a boost of energy and well-being. A perfect choice for chocolate lovers seeking the best of nature in every bite.

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