KAMM Chocolate 100% Cacao 60g - cacao beans & cacao mucilage

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KAMM's 100% Cacao Chocolate is a delight for pure cocoa enthusiasts. Made with cocoa beans and cocoa mucilage only, it offers an authentic flavor and a unique experience. Its texture is smooth and melting, and it's a healthy choice with its antioxidant properties.


KAMM's 100% Cacao Chocolate is a true gem for pure cocoa lovers. This product is made from cocoa beans and cocoa mucilage, giving it an exceptionally intense and authentic flavor. The cocoa beans are carefully roasted to highlight their natural flavors, without the need for added sugar or other ingredients.

This chocolate offers a unique sensory experience. When you taste it, you'll be immersed in a world of fruity notes, floral hints, and earthy undertones that come directly from the source: cocoa beans. Its texture is smooth and melting, allowing the flavors to unfold harmoniously on your palate.

In addition to its exceptional taste, this chocolate is a healthy choice. Cocoa is known for its antioxidant properties and its ability to uplift mood. By choosing KAMM's 100% Cacao Chocolate, you're opting for a product that combines quality, flavor, and well-being.

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