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KAMM Chocolate Salty Caramel 60g

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KAMM Salty Caramel Chocolate is a delightful blend of premium cocoa, artisanal caramel, and a pinch of sea salt. This chocolate perfectly balances sweetness and saltiness, creating a unique flavor experience. Ideal for those who appreciate flavor contrasts and gourmet quality.


KAMM Salty Caramel Chocolate offers a truly unique flavor experience. This chocolate combines the sweetness of caramel with a salty touch that enhances the flavors exceptionally. High-quality cocoa is blended with artisanal caramel and a pinch of sea salt, creating a perfect balance between sweet and salty. Every bite is a flavor explosion that will delight your senses. This chocolate is ideal for those who appreciate the contrast of flavors and the excellence of premium-quality cocoa. KAMM takes pride in using natural ingredients and providing an unmatched gourmet experience.

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